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  1. Google Adwords PPC Ad Creative Writing Contest
    Share this creative contest with your readers.
    Submit a creatively written PPC (Pay Per Click) ad for a chance to win $500!
    To participate in the contest all you have to do is send us your creative ad idea. The ad can represent a fake product or service. The ad must in the proper format of a Google Adwords PPC Ad:
    • Header: No more than 25 characters
    • Description Line 1: No more than 35 characters
    • Description Line 2: No more than 35 characters
    Submittal form is here:
    Send in your ads before Monday January 10, 2011.
    This contest is sponsored by AIMS an SEO company in Israel with over 10 years of global SEO and multilingual internet marketing experience.
    Good Luck!
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    Seo Israel

  2. Always supporting all those who expose conspiracies. From all your friends at Thank you.