Monday, December 27, 2010

News: Write1Sub1

The news I didn't speak of earlier today (it was 5 o' clock my time). Write1Sub1 is a weekly/monthly challenge to write and submit a story. My choice is the monthly one due to the lack of time.

Story: Realization One

As I promised, here it is. The first of ten stories. The first truth. I got the idea upon a chilly evening when I was walking along a street in Brno (a town where I study, it is an incredibly ugly place to live - shabby, dirt everywhere, neglected buildings, too crowded). Having caught flu, I didn't feel very well and even the rumbling of cars passing by was annoying me. The story pretty much reflects the city's atmosphere and mentality, although it's about people in general, not just Brno. Enjoy the read.

News: Here again, I think

Hello friends.

Time was harsh on me but after taking the lesson and adapting to the ever-so-uninviting environment of the university (people there aren't exactly my cup of tea - more on that sometime later I think... perhaps in a story?) I'm attending, I think I will be able to run this website in a timely fashion. So sorry for all those broken promises and stuff.