Monday, December 27, 2010

News: Here again, I think

Hello friends.

Time was harsh on me but after taking the lesson and adapting to the ever-so-uninviting environment of the university (people there aren't exactly my cup of tea - more on that sometime later I think... perhaps in a story?) I'm attending, I think I will be able to run this website in a timely fashion. So sorry for all those broken promises and stuff.

Anyway, I was not lazing around in the meantime and wrote some stuff. Other ideas are hanging around somewhere in the depths of my mind (had a dream that might become a psychological horror/thriller or something like that with a little bit of luck). But looking at the clock - it's a wonder I'm not asleep yet.

All I can say is what's ahead. The bad news is - I have to make both ends meet. What ends? One would be feeding the time-consuming school machine. As a matter of fact, I've chosen such a killer-boring field of expertise (I'd rather not say - you'd laugh) that it's just insane. I mean, it's not hard, just needs a lot of work to be done there... and it's nowhere near what I'd like to do in the future. In fact, I'm considering a change, but since this one is a way to make the necessary money to survive out there... I just don't know.

Anyway, back to the ends stuff. The second would be my creative side. Writing and all that. Ideas are flowing in abundance and I just can't let them get covered in dust as I grind those tedious school-errands. I will need to focus on specific stories and no super-eclectic stuff that nobody reads. That means I'm putting Stitches on hold (or perhaps just slowing it's production, as a chapter might pop up from a time to time... I've got a chapter written yet not published here anyway). Although it's not a good thing to say for me, who knows, perhaps I'll one day make it and break the first of those ends completely so that I could devote to the second one.

That's for bad news. Good news is - as I have said (have I? I think so, but I can't seem to remember and don't want to scroll up to check), I wasn't lazing around and wrote something. Oh, the time again. I'll publish it sometime - today after I've had some sleep. Due to it's "moral" nature, I will have to accompany it with some explanation and since the structure I laid out here isn't the best out there, I'll have to change it a little (just the text stuff). In fact, the story is an episodic one, has ten chapters and I'll publish them one by one, starting by tomorrow.

In its entirety, the story is named Realizations and Revelations, but sometimes I just call it Ten Truths (that nobody understands). It's actually an example of super-eclectic stuff nobody reads.

Okay. And then another story ideas.

  • A lots of conspiracy stuff story set in the future (I've written it down somewhere but can't seem to recall where).
  • Another one in the past (Thirty Years' War perhaps?) with lots of conspiracy stuff and all I can say is that it will have lots of "undertones"... and that Pope will be called Patriarch and the hero will be excommunicated or something... and (for the last time), the working title is called Decommunion (it's not really anti-religion, it's just that in the past, The Holy See was just as evil as today's governments).
  • Then some weird post-apocalyptic future story. No nuclear fallout and mutated animals. More like bubbles. But the silence - yes, it's there. I just felt our views of how a post-apocalyptic world looks like needed to expand a little.
  • Then there is... let me check... some story called Abuse. I don't know what it is. It just is. A blank page with "Abuse" written on it. What it's about? You tell me as I don't know.
  • City. Another story. It's actually a part of a grand series. Think WW2. I mean WW3. This time the more evil side gains the upper hand (I don't plan to end the war, just to write stories during it). I always liked laying pieces into a mosaic and having a really rich and grand background there. Plot-wise, it's about a group of people trapped in a city that was shelled and the people try to get out and can't. Sounds pretty lame I know, but just wait and see.
  • Yet another weird story. Midsomer Murders meet Lovecraft (can't that say for certain because, you see, I've never read the latter but I swear I want to and will as soon as time allows it). Hostage situation. Religious sect takes a whole cathedral hostage during a mass. Lots of blood and mishappenings. A diary of a schizophrenic man. Horrors from the other side.

Ok, that's it. How many of them did I name? Anyway, some might evolve into something else, some might die, some might get split into more and so on. You might see some published here and you might not (in that case, they will be published in some magazine/book and I'll state where).

So. That's it, I think. Wait. Yes. Or no. I'm dozing off as of now. I really have something to say but I just don't know what keys I'm pressing. So, tomorrow... I mean today! (The story will get published today, not tomorrow. I think)

Huh, that was one long entry. And I thought I wouldn't make it past the second paragraph... Yes, writing stories is easy, but writing blog entries is hard as hell - it's so hard to write anything else than a story for me.

And one last thing. The post might not have made any sense at all. If it is so, then it's partly because I wanted to be cryptic about the works in progress and that I'm actually sleepwriting. Zzzzz.

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