Monday, December 27, 2010

News: Write1Sub1

The news I didn't speak of earlier today (it was 5 o' clock my time). Write1Sub1 is a weekly/monthly challenge to write and submit a story. My choice is the monthly one due to the lack of time.

You can follow my progress here. It's the link up here in the right corner as well. I think I will be capable of writing more than one story a month and some of that excess will get published here. It's not really that hard to write one story once a week... provided that one has the necessary time and the story isn't as long as a book. So, sometimes there might be four stories and sometimes there might be just one. Yep. Sometimes it's hard to write just one.

Apart from Write1Sub1, some minor changes have been made. You can notice the Progress section on the right as well as a new page dedicated to Write1Sub1 and then a page containing a semi-random story of mine. By semi-random, I mean that the randomness is generated by my will to change the current story there.

That's it. Have a nice day. I'm off to sleep (it's past midnight here).

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