Tuesday, June 29, 2010

News: An echo

Hello friends.

I expect only a lone soul might wander here by now, but in any case, this is a small update of what is to come soon (as in - the following three weeks):
  • 2 plot based short stories
  • 2 rather fun/experimental short stories
More on that and even something else if you click Read More.

First things first, however. If anyone happens to stumble across this humble place and finds it useful, please let me know.

I would be greatly grateful for any kind of support. I am especially looking for:
    • link exchange
    • followers
    • readers
    • feedback
    • whatever you might come up with and I have not mentioned 
    If any of you is interested, feel free to mail me at xyzo269 at gmail dot com or write a note on the guestbook.

    Okay, now to the stories I told about:

    1. The first story is named Colony and is a sci-fi I wrote long ago, only translated it to English this month. It is ready, but I do not want to flood the website while it is still in its initial stage. It is about a lone man that arrives at a strife-torn abandoned colony that struggles for survival and is drawn in the intrigues and conspiracies that are silently taking place.

    2. Another plot-based one, The Prophecy, is currently in the works and it is a fantasy adventure with sci-fi elements. The story begins with a meteor rain battering an unnamed planet and a very superstitious tribe sends its most trusted scout to fulfil a prophecy to make the rain stop. Little does anybody realize, however, that there is not just ghosts and legends behind it, but actually shadowy figures plotting a great scheme.

    3. The experimental thingy, Draft, is a five-page long story divided into sequences, each telling of a different look on a specific subject. It is more of a realization that many people are somewhat ignorant of the fact that our imagination has its boundaries. This kind of thing is rather easy to write as it takes little devotion and almost writes itself. I expect to write more in the future, so this is the first workpiece in the series.

    4.  Last but not least, An Interview with a Stone, is a short story introducing a Troll narrator that talks about his various wanders and findings on his journey throughout the world. It is the first installment in the series, and is not plot-based, but rather another realization. I hope that Troll will enjoy his stay and will grace us with many of his unbelievable tales. The story is currently awaiting proof-reading from, as of now, the only follower of this blog.

    And that is it.

    P.S. I have a fifth story that I wrote for a competition but did not perform quite well, so I will post it as well I think, but it is nothing special, just a small thing.

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