Saturday, July 17, 2010

News: Proper introduction

Okay, it seems that I have not really made a proper introduction, so here it is.

The Introduction: Welcome to my humble blog, dear reader. These are small literary webpages created by me, an entity going by the nickname Xyzo (alternatively Xyzo269 when the former is not available, which happens quite often and search queries can return amusing results... no, I am not interested in pokemon or anime whatsoever). I am an overproductive writer who specializes in all sorts of fiction, while trying to be as creative as possible. Apart from that, I also play the electric guitar.

The Premise: I hope you will enjoy your stay here and have a pleasant and thrilling read. Feel free to comment on anything as I would certainly like some communication going on. Actually, feel free to do anything you wish as long as it is not evil.

The Content: I have already sketched out what to expect here, but to get more in depth in means of structure and content, I will explain the necessities. Each new post is preceded by a categorical name, and I have three in mind, though this number might increase over time. These categories are self explanatory - news, story and thought. In any case, news are the pieces of information like this one, they tackle topics like what to expect, is new, has happened and so on. Story stands for fiction I have written and thoughts will address issues that I find interesting, infuriation or otherwise notable. They might be somewhat odd, though. In any way, there are pages in the menu that can quickly take you to a list of post I have written. These are represented by the shortlist and the writing tab in the menu. Alternatively, you can use tha tags for an even quicker approach as they are visible from every page you open.

The Future: As of now, this place is a fledgling project, but I hope it will grow over time. Right now, I have a surplus of stories waiting to see the light of the day, but I believe that things should not be very fast paced right now, for there is no solid ground under this website just yet and those hasty endeavours might condemn it to a failure.

The Epilogue: That is it. If you need to know anything else, feel free to ask. Enjoy your stay and be sure to visit frequently.

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