Monday, January 31, 2011

News: Stuff and such

A short update. Submitted a story somewhere and so on.

The Write1Sub1 is going well despite having had a little time for writing initially. Anyway, I've managed to write a piece called "Healing" and submitted it to Weird Stories. Let's see how it fares (and hope for the best.)

It has 8601 words (MS Word says so) and is a psychological thriller/horror.
The "brief description is as follows:

The plague wiped out most of mankind and up to this date, no cure has been found. How long will it take until nobody remains standing? Or is there still some hope? A scientist, a doctor that would work intensely on finding the cure? Yes, there is hope, for there is one. Or is the noble deed just a guise for something even darker than the plague?

Now, that's it. Expect a new Realization tomorrow. 

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