Monday, February 21, 2011

Story: Realization Seven

It took me some time to get back here thanks to various reasons (the foremost being flu). Nevertheless, it's here. The seventh realization. It's about the sheep-people. No explanation necessary I believe.

Realization Seven

Legion. Many and one. Those were people. Those were the ones behind the freedom of speech. Behind all the rights in the world. Behind all movement. Or so they had thought in their arrogance.

He knew better. They indeed moved but they resembled ants rather than free, living, thinking and feeling beings. They bought clothes and called it fashion. They bought electronics and called it a necessity. They bought anything that the media dictated. And they thought they did so deliberately.

Ignorance and arrogance.

They laughed at anyone who strayed from that path. They hated anyone who denounced their ways. Yet they called themselves civilized. They thought of themselves as intelligent beings. Wasting precious material in abundance while others were starving and cold was biting deep into their bones. Crying upon the notice of cancellation while others had to stay silently in terror, forced to watch a murderer kill their relatives in front of them.

Civilization. It wasn't civilization. It was vanity. He was aware of that and such a fact was gnawing at the depths of his mind.

But there was no go. There was no change. He was standing motionless in a street. He was watching the crowd pass him by. Like a current, like a flow. Standing and praising false heroes. Fads. Forgetting their names after days and inventing new ones.

They were so many, they were a majority. And they believed in a god, but for no longer than it was necessary as there was no such a thing for more than a month.

He had got used to it so long ago. He had never wanted to interfere. He simply wanted to live his own life. Yet somehow, there he was. In a street full of people cheering for a deceptive man. An alleged saviour.

He knew the truth. He knew that man was nothing more than a liar, a criminal and a soul of twisted, corrupted and morbid beliefs. Those in power always were like that.

Thanks to the man's deeds, many had lost their lives, many were losing and many still would. Irony was it that while they were praising a harbinger of peace, the devil was sowing seeds of war and death.

Like sheep, they yelled. The man was raising hands in triumph. And he was watching. Ignorance, the greatest weapon of the majority, was its greatest fault. An exploitable fact that played in his favour. Nobody watched him. Nobody noticed him holding a gun and shooting.

The cheer quickly transformed into a panic. Sheer terror took hold of the sheep, paralyzing their already nonexistent sanity and making them flee, tumble over one another and scream like an air raid siren in unison. The very image of a superior civilization.

There were those representing power, however. He knew his escape was impossible. In the blink of an eye, they surrounded him, forcing him to lie on the ground face down.

The sheep quickly caught on, however. They were no longer afraid. They saw the opportunity to strike back even though they were confused. Even though they didn't know what was going on. In fact, they would forget the other day. But he didn't care and endured the attacks. He was content with the fact that he saved thousands. Or perhaps millions.

Yet they hated him. He was an enemy. Even after years spent in prison when the truth came out, he still was. The flow was always wrong, vain and manipulated. But who could change that?

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