Sunday, March 27, 2011

News: Stuff and stuff and stuff again

Delayed. Again. It takes some time. Ideas are not hard to come by, though. I am sorry that I can't spend some more time with my little stories, but apparently some dark forces are working hard to prevent me from that. And they're successful so far.

The result is that ideas are piling up. Lots of them. I've got about ten or more stories that are awaiting to be written and I'm excited about most of them. Question is - when will they get written?

Anyway, I am sorry for taking too much time with publishing something what was already done long before.

On another note, the Write1Sub1 is pacing along as well and I got 2 replies (out of 2 stories submitted), finally. Both rejections. Never mind. I admit I wasn't that dedicated to the effort and everything came out wrong. Hopefully, that will change. Minutes ago, I've sent out my third story, Hansel and Gretel revisited, to Wicked East Press. I'm quite proud of the story as it was easy to write and I enjoyed it a lot but then, I am also skeptical (I always am) about it's possibility to succeed. It's quite weird after all. Psychological horror to the core, I think.

My future plans are simple. Write if time allows it. I've got some nice music to listen to and draw inspiration from. As for this site, I'm planning to release one of the rejected stories here as well as some fancy story that I created just today so as to get back to writing. It's a multilayered story but that is all what I will reveal at this time.

Let's hope that April will bring refreshing winds of change. Over and out, friends.


  1. Maybe, but YOU've been successful at reaching your Write1Sub1 goals for this month. Keep up the good work!

  2. a very late thanks, but thanks nonetheless

  3. Not much reporting on W1S1 lately, huh? ;) But I see you're still hanging in there. Congrats on making it this far! We are halfway there now--Wh00t!