Tuesday, October 18, 2011

News: Next week stuff

I've been writing diligently. Working on my new project...

At first, it was to be a refreshing short story (about 10 pages long), but it just keeps filling page after page. Right now, I'm at page twenty (wrote 10 pages today), and I suppose it won't stop before thirty. It's an exciting thriller. I just don't know what should I do with it once I'm finished, since no markets really publish that kind of long fiction that happens to be also very bizarre.

It's about a private investigator who was hired by a shadowy politician to uncover the mysterious disappearance of his daughter, but as the protagonist progresses, he slowly comes to realize things aren't as they seem and there's lot more at stake!

Sounds pretty much clich├ęd, right? Well, there's a twist to it! A twist of horror! And lots of plot twists as well. Things are certainly happening there.

As for the rest - the correction of that gigantic story I am constantly mentioning is underway. Only a month away from now, I suppose, and then, it will roll. Until then, there are Stitches.

Stay tuned.

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