Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News: Links

Hello. I've been busy as of late (as of all my life, actually) and inspired by many things, some changes have been brought. Although they might seem cosmetic to many, it's quite far from it. I'll try to be brief anyway.

First of all, I've added links, so you can check some interesting sites and such. To be specific, you can check twitter (the link on the right broke, so I decided to solve it this way... I know it's not that visible, but well, never mind that). You can also check another site where I publish my writing as well, provided that you don't like the layout of the pages here (or you're curious). I'll skip the third and say the fourth is a link to SNM Magazine, which, if you've read one of the previous posts, you will be familiar with.

Now for the third, major thing. As you well know, I'm an university student. Putting aside all the "learning and academia", I've been taken aghast by the sheer amount of craziness present in the school. Literally, it feels like being stranded on an alien planet. But as the old saying goes - everything bad is good for you. While I struggled hard for past days to avoid falling prey to bouts of anger, I've started to take it frivolously recently.

Now, it wouldn't be me if it didn't inspire me to write about the experience. It's quite humorous, believe me. So, that's why I decided to create a new blog solely for that aspect, and the third link leads there. It's pretty empty as of now, but that will change over time.

There is a catch though. It will be in Czech. Why did I bother mentioning then, you might ask? Well, I bothered because some of you might know Czech. That, and because I might transform the experiences into a story in English, now and then.

In any case, there is still Stitches chapter four coming in this week.

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