Saturday, October 2, 2010

News + Story: SNM Horror Magazine and Stitches

News are on the way. A quick summary:
  1. My story called Rusted Clockwork has been published in SNM Horror Magazine.
  2. I've published a new chapter of Stitches.
  3. Steady...

1. My story, Rusted Clockwork, has recently been published in the October Oddities issue of SNM Horror Magazine.

As the headline says, my story has been published on the internets. For those of you who aren't familiar with SNM Horror Magazine, it is a monthly magazine that features horror stories by aspiring writers. You can expect a different theme every month, but the one of special interest is the recent issue where you can read my story. The themes of this month are: Bizarro horror, grim atmospheric fantasy, weird worlds, or inhuman characters.

Good news mark this one, because it means I have finally progressed forward with my writing endeavor and am knocking on the door of professional writing. While I have many plans and stories for the future, I take this as an important milestone in my writing career.

Enough said, let me tell you what the story is about:
The way people perceive the world varies from person to person, but many generally agree on the same, which makes them believe it is the truth. What if not, however, and what if the truth is beyond anyone’s most horrific dreams?

The story will be available for read there exclusively for a month, so head over there if you want to get the chills of a surreal, perception horror.

2. I've uploaded a new chapter of Stitches.

As promised, I've published a new chapter of Stitches.

(Side note: Damn blogger. I've just spend two minutes of trying to enter a new line but it just wouldn't let me and do weird stuff intead...)

Again, for those of you who aren't familiar what Stitches is, then let me tell you that it is a story about:
The picturesque village of Toz has been home for those wishing to live in peace for many years. Seemingly without conflict, it soon proves otherwise when a girl goes missing, setting off an unexpected chain of events that will unveil Toz is anything but a peaceful village and its peace was bought for a price most bloody...

And for those of you who are familiar, I'll tell you that the story will unveil some history behind Toz and carry the plot forward a little. Things might be confusing a little right now, but that's how it should be as its told by the protagonist's perspective, suddenly being confronted with the fact that his friend was kidnapped by forces unknown, hinting that there are many intrigues out there, many shades of evil and even more powerful magics.

While I haven't got a slightest clue as to how the story will unfold, my imagination keeps telling me things will get dark. Very dark. And imagination is what is responsible for the story.

That said, you can read the story here, or jump at chapter two here.

3. Steady...

Now for the news in general. My school term has started and with it a whole new experience in life. While it's not much of a big fuss yet, things might get tricky so this site might get updated often or not... it all depends.

In terms of writing, things look bright as I wrote earlier. There are tons of stories and ideas hanging in the air and I'm trying to seize the moment and try it all. And if all goes well, those four ideas for books might as well get a green.

Now, I'd best be off to writing again...

Post Scriptum: Damn... this took me a long time to write... thank you very much Blogger (sarcasm). This piece of **** keeps jumping away into different lines when I press buttons like backspace or enter, resulting in magical chaos. And when it decides I'm least annoyed, it loads a completely different page, forcing me to start from a scratch as it either saves every second when the writing is slow or every fifteen minutes when I type quickly. Much hate to you, Blogger.

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